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Monday, September 2, 2013

How to turn a bad day into a wonderful day

 How to turn a bad day into a wonderful day

It would be great if every day of our lives would be excellent .
We all dream of serenity , peace , calm , joy , fun , productivity, satisfaction. Unfortunately , not all days begin play . Sometimes you can just are damper morning alarm . Sometimes a day is expected to be calm and quiet , it can turn in an instant into a nightmare .

There are people who find themselves just a bad mood . Stress, lack of sleep, worries , all influence our mood. And once in the state of negativity , very hard managed to change the course of the day awaits us . I used to be one of those people that if you start the day with the left, continue to believe that living a bad day that nobody and nothing can turn .

I continue activity with a negative attitude and consequently attract lucururi and negative situations . And just when I was wondering what else could happen even worse , the universe also given me many a blow ... At one point in my life I finally realized that negative feelings persist because in reality I choose to " I bathe " in it. I understand that there is good day or bad day , that can happen anytime events can change our path , in a pleasant or unpleasant . I realized that I should not leave ruled by circumstances and that they have the amazing ability to create circumstances. And I began to exercise this power .

Today I have bad day. Even if the alarm sometimes annoys me terribly loud and postpone as much as possible - though not at all a healthy thing , even if I wake up and I have no toothpaste, even if I forget my phone at home and come back in the running to pick it up even if it's raining and I have no umbrella , nothing I can damper . For I know that my strength lies in discovering things major, minor ,significant or insignificant , to make my day more beautiful . I know there are always solutions for everything . And keep me lucid , in order to discover how to quickly and move on.

Today I want to share with you some of the methods I use to change my negative thoughts and emotions in order to make each day a blessing . I hope it works for you as well as worked for me .
So : Think . The first thing you do when you are lacking motivation, tired or put in a bad situation , is to use my mind . How do I do this? Well, try to look day from different perspectives , addressing my questions: Who cares what happens to me ? We count it a few years from now ? What can I learn from this situation ? What are the opportunities that come out of this situation? What would that little action , that small step could I do to change my default during the day and the mood ? Honestly answer these questions ! Use your body . If you do not find any solution in time to get out of the situation, begin to use my body .

Doing some exercise , I walk , do relaxation exercises . Nothing inner tension away from your body and in mind that exercise . Negativity dissipates and I feel stronger, more energetic and more focused than ever. Try and you will change your day guaranteed! Accept your feelings . We are masters of camouflage our inner feelings . Master the art of denial extremely well . Maybe because we perceive distorted thing positivism . Most times we come to believe that to ignore what we feel we turn into positive people . And then are shocked that we reach a point where vicariously work . In reality, positivism involves letting go of negative feelings . And the release occurs through awareness and acceptance. Yes , I went there myself .

I eventually realized that if you think and feel terrible, it is necessary to accept my thoughts and feelings , instead of trying to convince my brain that the best solution is to ignore or deny . I realized that if I do not accept , in fact they only amplify what you live . Either I want to immerse myself in happiness , not in pain. Yes , acceptance is far from comfortable , but permanent discomfort than explosive , more temporary discomfort then allow me lucid thinking and great experiences . Accept what you feel ! Be grateful . It is extremely difficult to find yourself Hatches for which you can be grateful when your birthday is downright terrible , if you're shocked or overwhelmed by emotionally . But if you focus a little , you realize how lucky you are that " you " .

Maybe you health , outer beauty , interior , intelligence , power, charisma, talent , potential, dear people , youth, wisdom, a place to stay and food to put on the table. I saw people without arms , without legs , who have made a difference in this world. How many times have you satisfied that you have ? Have you ever thought that your pain and suffering can be priceless gifts ? Pain arises incredible things . Pain is the promoter of evolution extends the spectrum of human experience , and, with the more serious , the more intense will be your happiness .

Periods of sadness amplify periods of happiness . Hard times can help us to enjoy and appreciate the good times more . My days were apparently negative proved to be my most creative days . Because I had to put my mind to it and find the optimal solutions . Maybe bad days bring with them feelings as . But I understand that they can turn into extraordinary days . I also understand that sometimes , whatever you do , things just do not go as you wish . And then the wisest thing you can do is to embraces and to prepare for a new day, better, brighter, full of possibilities. You want as many good days , sprinkled with joy, and plenty of power to get through the situations that you face !

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