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Sunday, September 8, 2013

We counted the days

 We counted the days

We counted the days that we are moving with slow steps but certainly in a very dangerous direction. We are encouraged to work further to where we give more money to the state for the mistakes that the authorities do.

They started with pensions and public sector wages, now try the newer disabled and war veterans. The veterans will cancel the exemption of telephone and radio-TV subscription and the disabled will cut current allowances replacing them with fixed amounts.

I will not instigate revolution in any way but I think that there is an alternative. Government must understand that we have to do without 'savings' not affect them or be taken down.

It is easier to take money by force from people and making life more difficult than to seek solutions to the country's economic development by providing facilities in agriculture / industry and other industries with products that can be exported.

You should be ashamed maximum possible although I do not know what would help that.


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