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Thursday, September 12, 2013

One easy way to make money

 One easy way to make money

Make money with the best PPD network that currently exists online which is Purebits.net. To date, there are lots of opportunities offered in the online market to help people earn money using the internet. Purebits.net has been recently creating a buzz over the web due to its functional features and favorable benefits offered to all users.

With the help of internet connection and addition of availing host provider, Purebits guarantees to help people make more money online other than any other Pay per Download Network existing in the market today. It guarantees big payout and great online support.

The PPD Network site enables users make money online through the use of its file locker, links locker and content gateway system. It offers options to clients in which include the regular download and premium download. Users can create an account with the PPD network then make money in three simple ways including uploading their files, sharing them and then earn per download of their uploaded files.

 Users can lock their links and get paid for every file view. Purebits also allows users to content lock like pro marketers with the use of company’s gateway. What makes this money making program different from its competitors over the internet is that it gives users instant account approval in limited time. Purebits is characterized as a revolutionary PPD marketplace utilizing high converting incentive surveys to provide clients with best payout rates possible. For each offer that has been completed, an average of 1 dollar is paid by this PPD network.

This means that for every visitor that had gained access to user’s file, 1 dollar is being paid to users. The PPD network also has integrated analytics tools that can track the user’s individual file earning. People who are using PPD network in making money online are usually in need of their earnings statistics.

This is why Purebits provides them with these analytics tools that can help users identify their traffic statistic using clicks, EPC, conversation and country breakdown. Other tools provided by the PPD network for customers to make more money online include those that are aforementioned above (link locker, file locker and gateway system). It also provides its users with a powerful uploading system that works well with multiple upload.

The paid per download interface of the PPD network are also very user friendly and its online support is always available 24/7 helping members in their pay per download works as well as answers all customers questions. Purebits is best designed to people who are starting to learn how to make money online. For novice online marketers, the PPD tutorials on the network’s forum are of great help. This PPD network is considered by online users as host for uploaded files. 

To date, there are many usual host that could be found over the web but what makes Purebits entirely different from these common hosts is that users are automatically get paid while people download their file making it a savvy tool for all online users to earn money over the web.


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