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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What do you think of me is not my problem!

 What do you think of me is not my problem!

Everyone , including the partner is entitled to different opinions. You can not change them , you have reason to change them ... unless you are unsure of yourself. How would you look at life from another angle ? Not to want to change others, but you change yourself. Do not you want to make other accept you , but you accept yourself. When you accept yourself , you accept the fact that ... you 're not completely accepted by someone.

And do not even bother . Because your mind will tell you that everyone is allowed to have an opinion contrary to yours . Just accept yourself so much that not to matter .

Since then, you've changed! You do not bother his opinion . It's the only change you can make , do not try to change the other person , because it will never succeed .

Think you're going on a street and see a puddle of water. You have two options : to start taking water from the pond and pipette to go elsewhere to get rid of the obstacle that you do not like , or drop it where it is and go on the same way , with the same goal in mind , enjoying the rest of the way and just having so much confidence in you that that obstacle to be insignificant for you.

At the time when the two partners are mature ( personal development ) , may argue that perhaps disagreed . But beyond the opposition of opinion , there is acceptance that it's just different beliefs , not relationship. They never play their relationship to books . Never put in a relationship for a game divergence of opinions . But I have discussions like all or nothing .

Either you turn it on him or he you! You can not accept that the other is a different person ! Would you like to resemble each other perfectly . Will not accept differences and hence leaving all conflicts . May I say a few " tricks" that they use to therapists and couple relationships can you find the strength to apply.

Remember that all the time they appear argumentative , it's good to remember a moment at the beginning of your relationship and feel those emotions and then. After intense feeling those emotions , you can start talking to your partner.


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