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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How beautiful it's to be a woman!

 How beautiful it's to be a woman!

Let's talk about happiness, joy and effort of being a woman, lest we stray from the topic Almanac. For it is known: to represent chromosomes honorable sex with twins, you have to work seriously. It's like, in addition to the service that you take money, you have one. Because, in addition to accounting, doctor, astronaut or as a profession as having it, every woman must necessarily be true and beautiful, full time.

Beautiful means neat, painted, hairdresser, pensions, without hair, makeup, hydrate, smooth, massaged with a balanced body, dressed cute and ... I'll stop here because I realized that I still almanac available. The tricky part is that these operations is better not to carry out his eyes, spouse or lover. It's recommended that you see with cucumbers on your eyes with paint on his head, as you rip, sobbing, wax up, as you rub your heels, to show that ass baby, how you torture a gel scrub all skin on the body to remove dead cells, or how you drown in all sorts of creams, creams, and lotions cremuleţe.

Is it better to see you arranged and ready to live with the impression that you were born so: no body hair, hairstyle, mascara on the eyelashes and heels. And that somehow forces you, in addition to long to make your point and loop space, to which only you have access. He took the goat to the photographer with the scaling hamster or beer with the boys? Shut the door behind him and started running around the house like a psycho: a chicken wax heated hand with another throw cucumbers in blender with your right leg kick directly in milling a set of curlers, tweezers and mirror grabbed the wrong foot, and chin handle agile acetone, nail file and scissors.

Come and bottle of nail polish. In return, you will find relaxed, fresh and smooth like a pansy, you're wondering why the house smells of hot wax and to say it's from a neighbor's wake. That means you'd die neighbors a little brisk pace (about one to three weeks), but what can I say, it's worth ... The only way you can save them is to use an epilator. The hardest thing in the business of beauty, it is to be poor. 90% of women living with silhouette story, borderline neurosis.

I get to live in a perpetual diet days, only with leaves and grilled soles of shoes, to flirt with the idea of ​​Furadan, if they put 500 grams, and stand at room like demented, until the lights go out and they gives out the keeper. The scene in which the man eats a whole pig seasoned with mayonnaise, sauces, pickles and chips and nibbles her two little leaves of parsley, sprinkle with lemon, then take desperate as stepper, give them down, it's a ultrabanal classic.

Few women have been put in their tanks cabbage soup, I have counted calories and not knowing the state of guilt that gives you a one inch square of chocolate, engulfed in a time of severe mental weakness. Another torture are heels, that matter to them earlier. I am convinced that they originally were conceived as a tool schingiure, barely subsequently converted beauty accessories. Not only ruin your column and other things through the body (which is why doctors recommend using them sparingly), but are unanimously accepted as being extremely uncomfortable. I never hear men complaining that I collect shoes and feet were swollen so much that needs to go home (to lie!) From the wedding / christening / birthday party / requiem / cocktail / symposium while women have heard horrific stories on this topic.

Me, personally, I just happened to faint, literally, because of terrible pain caused by some nice shoes. I should be fine, I had no how to go from where I had to be nice, so I suffered for many hours pain that grew up black and I saw the film broke. Finally, so got to be beautiful! Buun! What we do after we performed all maneuvers corresponding to even look reasonable, if not brilliant? Well, it would be preferable to stop being so: sexy, passionate, intelligent, efficient, organized, resourceful, happy, relaxed, spiritual, creative, funny and of course home early.

Sexy means being ready to leave a bulan sight or provide fleeting image of a bare shoulder, even when we lean to seek a saucepan in a closet. Yes, it is preferable that cabinets Kitchenware be down to see us he dished bottom and worked in the gym, you rummage after pan. Say, "Oh, piss, how hot you are, you do not want to leave a little soup that and come to show you something beautiful?".

Passionate means even let soup and go to show you something beautiful, as he saw in the movies. While enjoying a nice, pray do not take the kitchen fire, but only in a hidden corner of your consciousness, so do not feel that's your thought flies and elsewhere. And, while you gorge on a strawberry gorgonzolla, marmalade, lettuce, eggplant, raw eggs, chocolate, pickled red peppers and what gonna find in the fridge, as seen in 9 weeks and a half, I swear all Kim Bassinger tree. All in one corner of the mind, because right after that, nescăpând course sight of spectrum remaining soup on the fire, take a row and all nations Jessica Lange, particularly for the benefit of The Postman Always Rings Twice.

 Smart, efficient, organized and resourceful means that while you're beautiful, sexy and passionate to juggle tasks and work flawlessly, and everything that is managing a household. As thrifty as husband or lover (mine, for instance, thank God, and his mother, who taught impeccable, is very thrifty, even I have nothing to reproach), administration and management of the household will return all women . So is it set to remember you have paid cable, phone, internet, electricity, maintenance and Hull, to remember that you have washed laundry that needs to be fixed appliance that must be purged from the basement storage room that must come the cleaning woman, I have bought pronto, because she comes to cleaning towels that need to be changed, you have ironed some shirts that have brought the fish in the aquarium at the canary despăducheat and pedicure and so (note, please, that I I brought up the children, to keep things simple!).

And, even if the tasks are divided between the two partners, the efficient, organized and resourceful to be her. Her brain is have to be a huge Excel file are sorted in rows and columns, tasks and their deadlines, otherwise, instead of Pronto, one to buy towels in the laundry room, I be washed canary and instead cooker, a small fish to be repaired.

Cheerful, relaxed, spiritual, creative, funny means that while it is beautiful, passionate, sexy, smart, efficient, organized and resourceful, it would be advisable not to succumb to pressure to be listed in every way becoming - God forbid! - A sour bitch, always rushed, always running out of time and reluctant conversation or jokes. It's good that the woman is always ready for a joke of a cozy story of adventures in the army, a glass of wine, a witty and sprightly little game, watching with interest to a boring movie with planes, de- a jovial pillow fight or even a healthy tingling session.

You've had an exhausting day at work, went to the gym followed by a long line of household tasks and then washing the head, manicures, pedicures and waxing (note that they remain consistent idea of ​​not talking about the kids!) and he's in the mood to tickle you because they like your receipt? Do not think to refuse! A woman real cool and never refuses to tickle on the grounds that it is too tired. Why men are never too tired? Understanding is to not get mad if he told you that comes in two hours and comes in four, and early home means home early.

 That's about on a very short, the job of representing the fair sex! Sure, that's pretty full of men and that they, in addition to ministers, geneticists, astrophysicists or what profession or be having, you must move cabinets, call the installer, to new-n blow horns to make surprises , keep us in your arms when you cry, go to romantic films to bear hysterics and best friends (especially when they get to sleep with us, because they are depressed, that they left the boyfriend) to buy flowers, do not pee on the toilet seat to no longer throw socks and spend long hours in the supermarket, with chaotic shopping lists made up by us. But even besides all this, it got to be waxing to Gomez to paint and wear heels.


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