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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Desire to Read!

 Desire to Read!

Desire to Read! Reading is an art that every man and it should develop in their own initiative and as the years their mark. Reading a book help develop a vocabulary as rich. A person's vocabulary is very important because of the way a person speaks or communicates, you can get an idea of ​​how that person is reading adevarat.

The desire is great, makes you feel incredible, and when you read a book really, if you read all the words come from the heart and if urges you to read as much. My advice would be for all people to read, and parents urge their children to read and open their way of fairy tales.

My favorite book! 

My favorite book is "Amintiri din copilarie" because in her life is the story of a naughty child, in which I found myself somewhat and family.
Are recounted in great detail all the events and troubles in which he came across his childhood, and his stages of maturation. The family was a poor family. The main character of the story is Nica. His parents were simple people of the country, workers, but with education and choice principles to be able to forward them to their children.

Although throughout the book Nica encounters various obstacles that not every child can overcome his age, he understands those things and his way of trying to solve and overcome all difficulties who come your way. He was a very smart and clever child, although not quite reconcile with the school or the "Calul balan". The horse was a kind of bank balance that the village priest beating those who do not learn and were not interested in school.

Towards the end of the book, Nica must leave their native lands they grew up to go to a school most famous, in order to study. In my opinion, "Amintiri din copilarie" should be read by every child and adult who has not read it, because Nica can be an example to all readers!


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