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Thursday, September 19, 2013

About life, human character and soul.

About life, human character and soul

First I want to tell my visitors a warm Happy New Year for 2013! Today I will open a topic quite commonplace for some other deep enough!

What do you understand by the word nature? I understand how a man to exist on this planet who has made ​​education one in childhood. Not long ago I ran into a harsh reality. One of my so called "friends" started to talk some, do not know how to call them aberrations that his brain thought to pull them to the surface.

And to understand why I decided to open this particular blog is obviously my name was involved and shit out the mouth that were being counts for me. Usually I do not like to post things on the blog but so sad as a man without character as you have the nerve to pull the mouth such words mostly know me?

How can you say that I muddied the person they care for and the above is one of my good friends? I really do not understand the purpose and mindset. Or if you are thinking better that I responded to his advances led him to remove these aberrations on the mouth.

Me left me cold because I soul reconciled statements like planet there are also people who intentionally or unintentionally harm or simply have soul too full of venom and trying to get rid of him.

 Finally cleared everything but sin that you trust a man and one day you actually slam his true face, and regret and last second you trusted and remains one question, WHY?


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