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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I wanna scream

 I wanna scream

Who wants to scream and let the pain gose out to feel better !! I'm carrying to much anger and hate inside! God please mercy on me!!

I am not poor or to feel sorry for me! it just happend... I love my family so much but cant get along with them specialy my dad! Hes the reason why I dont want to marry and make a family!Dont wanna make same mistake like mom did!! anyway!! 

He is good and yet he is bad father and husbend!!!!! I have seen his scary face through these years!! This is the first time I write down what I want to tell him tho I can't!! I'm tired of him I'm tired of his yelling I'm tired of his complaining that we are not worthy!!

I'm tired of being tired!! I hate the idea that my middle brother becoming like him!! I want to leave this house and have my own but where!! got no place to go!! I wish this satan leave us forever! or leave my dad alone!! I'm sorry I am angry still!! 


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