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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What do you think of me is not my problem!

 What do you think of me is not my problem!

Everyone , including the partner is entitled to different opinions. You can not change them , you have reason to change them ... unless you are unsure of yourself. How would you look at life from another angle ? Not to want to change others, but you change yourself. Do not you want to make other accept you , but you accept yourself. When you accept yourself , you accept the fact that ... you 're not completely accepted by someone.

And do not even bother . Because your mind will tell you that everyone is allowed to have an opinion contrary to yours . Just accept yourself so much that not to matter .

Since then, you've changed! You do not bother his opinion . It's the only change you can make , do not try to change the other person , because it will never succeed .

Think you're going on a street and see a puddle of water. You have two options : to start taking water from the pond and pipette to go elsewhere to get rid of the obstacle that you do not like , or drop it where it is and go on the same way , with the same goal in mind , enjoying the rest of the way and just having so much confidence in you that that obstacle to be insignificant for you.

At the time when the two partners are mature ( personal development ) , may argue that perhaps disagreed . But beyond the opposition of opinion , there is acceptance that it's just different beliefs , not relationship. They never play their relationship to books . Never put in a relationship for a game divergence of opinions . But I have discussions like all or nothing .

Either you turn it on him or he you! You can not accept that the other is a different person ! Would you like to resemble each other perfectly . Will not accept differences and hence leaving all conflicts . May I say a few " tricks" that they use to therapists and couple relationships can you find the strength to apply.

Remember that all the time they appear argumentative , it's good to remember a moment at the beginning of your relationship and feel those emotions and then. After intense feeling those emotions , you can start talking to your partner.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I wanna scream

 I wanna scream

Who wants to scream and let the pain gose out to feel better !! I'm carrying to much anger and hate inside! God please mercy on me!!

I am not poor or to feel sorry for me! it just happend... I love my family so much but cant get along with them specialy my dad! Hes the reason why I dont want to marry and make a family!Dont wanna make same mistake like mom did!! anyway!! 

He is good and yet he is bad father and husbend!!!!! I have seen his scary face through these years!! This is the first time I write down what I want to tell him tho I can't!! I'm tired of him I'm tired of his yelling I'm tired of his complaining that we are not worthy!!

I'm tired of being tired!! I hate the idea that my middle brother becoming like him!! I want to leave this house and have my own but where!! got no place to go!! I wish this satan leave us forever! or leave my dad alone!! I'm sorry I am angry still!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

About life, human character and soul.

About life, human character and soul

First I want to tell my visitors a warm Happy New Year for 2013! Today I will open a topic quite commonplace for some other deep enough!

What do you understand by the word nature? I understand how a man to exist on this planet who has made ​​education one in childhood. Not long ago I ran into a harsh reality. One of my so called "friends" started to talk some, do not know how to call them aberrations that his brain thought to pull them to the surface.

And to understand why I decided to open this particular blog is obviously my name was involved and shit out the mouth that were being counts for me. Usually I do not like to post things on the blog but so sad as a man without character as you have the nerve to pull the mouth such words mostly know me?

How can you say that I muddied the person they care for and the above is one of my good friends? I really do not understand the purpose and mindset. Or if you are thinking better that I responded to his advances led him to remove these aberrations on the mouth.

Me left me cold because I soul reconciled statements like planet there are also people who intentionally or unintentionally harm or simply have soul too full of venom and trying to get rid of him.

 Finally cleared everything but sin that you trust a man and one day you actually slam his true face, and regret and last second you trusted and remains one question, WHY?

Monday, September 16, 2013

TTC Video - How To Look At And Understand Great Art

TTC Video - How To Look At And Understand Great Art

TTC Video - How To Look At And Understand Great Art is among the most sublime, meaningful, and redeeming creations of all civilization. Few endeavors can equal the power of great artwork to capture aesthetic beauty, to move and inspire, to change your perceptions, and to communicate the nature of human experience.

Great art is also complex, mysterious, and challenging. Filled with symbolism, cultural and historical references, and often visionary imagery, great artworks oblige us—defy us, even—to reckon with their many meanings. What does it take to truly know what you're seeing when you look at art? What technical skills and knowledge are needed to comprehend the full richness of artworks, to unpack the hidden significance of master paintings, sculptures, prints, and more?

Award-winning Professor Sharon Latchaw Hirsh of Rosemont College speaks to these and other compelling questions in How to Look at and Understand Great Art. Unlike a traditional survey of art, these 36 richly illustrated lectures take you on an in-depth exploration of the practical skill of viewing art through the lenses of line, light, perspective, composition, and other crucial elements of craft and technique.

Using timeless masterpieces of Western painting, sculpture, and graphic art, as well as hands-on studio demonstrations, Professor Hirsh gives you the specific visual and interpretive knowledge you need to approach great artworks, find their deeper meanings, and reach startling new levels of appreciation.

Discovering the Artist's Visual Language In building your viewing skills, the opening lectures give you practice with the core technical tools for understanding visual art: Color: You study the essential principles of color and color schemes in painting and graphic art and the distinctive use of color in different epochs, all of which are deeply integral to an artist's work. Line: You investigate the artist's use of line (the basis of art) as it describes reality, conveys expressive meaning, and gives larger structural impact to an artwork.

Composition: You learn how the artist constructs a work's overall composition in painting, graphic art, and sculpture. You discover compositional features such as symmetry/asymmetry, balance, and the visual framing of images, as keys to an artwork's comprehensive impact. Signs and symbols: You learn how to recognize symbolism and signifiers in religious paintings, "vanitas" still lifes, canvases of royalty, and seminal works by Gauguin and Dali. Rich and Varied Genres of Art Traveling deeply into the artist's world, you investigate the major genres of drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting.

You apply your technical knowledge to major works in each genre, exploring the various purposes and types of drawings, the vast spectrum of sculpture and three-dimensional art, and the important traditions within painting and printmaking, with particular attention to how works of art are made. Here, Professor Hirsh takes you out of the classroom and into the studio, in a series of hands-on demonstrations you rarely find in an academic art course.

In the lectures on painting, for example, you study the techniques of fresco and panel painting, and you see oil painting demonstrated, including the mixing of colors, the application of opaque oils and translucent glazes, and the texturing techniques of impasto and scumbling used so memorably by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and the Expressionists. In the complex genre of printmaking, you watch a contemporary artist create original prints, showing you the methods of woodcut, copper plate engraving, etching, lithograph, and silkscreen prints. Your understanding of the techniques of printmaking helps you identify the type of print you're looking at—often tricky even for experienced eyes—and gives you an appreciation of the craft underlying master prints by Dürer, Doré, Whistler, Degas, and others.

To deepen your insight into subject matter in art, additional lectures are devoted to the importance of landscapes, portraits, and self-portraits. Great Eras, Visionary Movements In the course's final section, you use your newfound skills to explore the major eras and movements in Western art, from the Renaissance to the present. In this unfolding progression, you encounter the stunning diversity of artworks from the early Renaissance to the Baroque and Rococo, from 19th-century Romanticism to Impressionism, from 20th-century Expressionism to Cubism, Surrealism, and Modernism, and finally to Postmodernism and the art of our own times.

The knowledge you've developed allows you to recognize and appreciate the dramatic evolution of art, not merely in historical terms, but through specific understanding of how artists work. In the Limbourg brothers' Hours of the Duc de Berry (15th century), for example, you see their attempt at linear and aerial perspective; later, you see how these techniques were gloriously perfected by Masaccio, Leonardo, and other Renaissance masters.

You observe how the impact of El Greco's Mannerist masterpiece Pentecost rests on an anti-Renaissance elongation of figures, unusual poses, and use of tertiary colors. Of huge value for appreciating modern and contemporary works, you delve into the human experiences and ways of thinking that gave birth to abstract and nonrepresentational art. Here, you study influences such as the three phases of Cubism, the ideas of Kandinsky, and the penetrating imagery of Franz Marc, following the bold and thoughtful moves that freed art from imitating nature.

This understanding allows you to grasp the inspiration and visions of De Kooning, Miró, Giacometti, Pollock, and other masters of the modern era. A Visually Rich Learning Experience Drawing on works from public and private collections, this course brings masterpieces from more than 250 of the world's greatest artists together in one place—making this thrilling course a virtual museum of art you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Professor Hirsh's lectures come complete with - more than 950 works of art, presented in crisp high-definition that allows you to zoom in and explore their tiniest details; - meticulously crafted 3-D animations that reconstruct particular works; - on-set demonstrations that explain specific painting methods and techniques; and - visits to an actual artist's studio where you get a first-hand look at the secrets of printmaking.

Winner of the Charles A. Dana Award for Distinguished Teaching, Professor Hirsh combines a remarkable breadth of knowledge and a gift for demystifying both the imagery and the motives of art, leaving you with lasting insight into classic masterpieces as well as challenging contemporary works.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The first day of kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten 

So was this: 30 children screaming (well, I guess not all but screamed in my head sounds like a teacher that lurk at the door and discard those who tried to escape.


At least mine did not cry but his eyes look great when the show described above when at me ... and have a look I could not pick up and go on from there. If I have worked with children I would have said I do not know what it is and that really how it works. But no, I disagree. 

Well it instead to attract to her, to speak to, to put crayons and paper on the tables on which to draw children, or playing music, she stood at the door and take them up on that they wanted to leave. Given that the other kids had to sit on chairs, with nothing in front, with no toy, nothing, nothing, stood and watched the others as they are hunted cry or education.

Already I think I got a black ball when I went to the teacher and told him to get some crayons and coloring books that are empty tables. I know there are subjective and can be mischievous, maybe she was stressed and poor knew how to manage the situation and between having a baby crying and one that disappears and must be prosecuted for it, I think he prefers the version) .

 I have no idea.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm happy

 I'm happy

Sometimes it takes so little to be happy ... I'm happy now. Not the kind of happiness that make me bounce one foot in the house, are rather quiet and happy.
I think I have a little of everything I need, and even some more. And I'm grateful for that! Tens thousands of butterflies dancing in my stomach!

I am happy to be alive.
I am happy that someone up there loves me.
I am happy for anyone down here, he loves me.
I am happy because I have a family.
I am happy because true friends that I can count.
I am happy because I am strong.
I am happy because I smile.
I am happy because my future depends on me.
I am happy that do not depend on others.
I am happy because I can do what I want.
I am happy because I see my life.
I am happy because life goes on, whatever happens.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More simplicity

 More simplicity

Mother Teresa said, "We can not do great things , only small things with great love . " 
Great was right .

Material poverty but spiritual especially become so acute that those who try to fight they seem to have no chance. And yet ... it found people to fight . Their secret lies in the intimate understanding of how the world works .

These people understand that to fix the world the only thing you have to do is to repair them itself. And so, through hard work , managed to stop this voluntary poverty adopted by almost everyone around and open their heart to treasure offered by Love.

We as humans have certain features which allow us successful . Maybe a higher intelligence that allows us to better intel certain concepts more complicated , maybe a better memory allows us to know a large number of things.

All this leads to results. If we can use our mind to the nominal capacity to bring a valuable service to those around yet , no matter how smart we are, no matter how much we know , all things made ​​from the heart are the most valuable to others. Much love to do something worth much more and requires no intelligence or memory. The real value of a thing done with great love does not consist in the intrinsic value of that work but the vibration that cause .

When a person does something with a lot of love vibrating frequency almost universal love when in contact with others creates a response . The answer very often it is a reaction and thus mimicking a small thing done with great love can have the effect of shock waves . A sincere smile of a woman of service can change a gloomy morning a clerk who in turn may change the day a little better for other people .

 You must not speak all the languages ​​of the world , you should know all mysteries and all knowledge, do not have to give up all worldly and monastic dress clothes .... get to do small things with great love .

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said : "The conclusion is always the same : love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the world. "

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I love you

I love you

I do not need you to protect me physically for the time taught me to care of myself and I always have with me the faith ...

I do not need your shoulder pain to tell me when I'm sad, because I know how to sit on a corner of the pillow head and I "litter" of the ... do I need to provide my physical safety, because I learned to live on what can work by myself ...

I need you not to widen my circle of family or friends, because I have friends, neighbors and relatives my own ...

I did not even need to give me status of married woman, I was ... and I know what it's like to live outside this state ...

I do not need any to be the father of my children, because they have their own father ...

I need you just because you happen to love the way you are, where you are ...

I need you because I want you to feel close, even when we're not together ...

I need warm memories with you, because the outside world is cold and hard sometimes ...

I need you because your company have part of the sweetest moments of their warmest hugs of joy and relief ... and that sometimes life is too heavy to be alone sometimes too beautiful to be alone ...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We counted the days

 We counted the days

We counted the days that we are moving with slow steps but certainly in a very dangerous direction. We are encouraged to work further to where we give more money to the state for the mistakes that the authorities do.

They started with pensions and public sector wages, now try the newer disabled and war veterans. The veterans will cancel the exemption of telephone and radio-TV subscription and the disabled will cut current allowances replacing them with fixed amounts.

I will not instigate revolution in any way but I think that there is an alternative. Government must understand that we have to do without 'savings' not affect them or be taken down.

It is easier to take money by force from people and making life more difficult than to seek solutions to the country's economic development by providing facilities in agriculture / industry and other industries with products that can be exported.

You should be ashamed maximum possible although I do not know what would help that.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Life is a bitch, you play as she wants

Life is a bitch, you play as she wants

Life is not as we would like ... though for some it is much more complicated and full of stress ... I know ... life is hard, perhaps too painful for it anymore suffering.

Everything seemed to change too quickly ... people that I trusted and I loved once, they were the ones who let me down.

I think we all have some of these surprises ... is painful and yet it happens. 

You know how they say "what does not kill you makes you stronger" ... makes me stronger ... but I leave some scars unbearable.

I have to live.

Friday, September 6, 2013

I want to be a kid again

 I want to be a kid again

I want to be a kid again
I want to eat, sleep and play all day and all night
I want to bring a smile mother's face whenever he sees me
I want to remain fascinated when I see a leaf swaying in the wind
I want to pull a dog's tail or put a finger in my eye without fear of consequences
I want to be loved unconditionally
I want to learn what is rain
I want to sleep as I want when I want
I want to be able to be naked without this gesture to be considered perversion
I want to say whatever you have in mind, and people "mature" around me seemed to enjoy seeing a miracle 
I want everyone to please me, fulfill my all wishes 
I want to be center of attention
I want to not know what the limits
I want to not know what are the constraints
I want to believe in Santa Claus and fairies
I want to believe that people are good
I want to know that there is no pain and suffering
I want to fall and get up, and fall and get up, fall and get up again and again....

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is very difficult.....

 Is very difficult....

The most difficult thing in this world is to live in peace and harmony with people. It is, perhaps, easier to live with birds and animals. I have met people who prefer living with their dogs than with other human beings! They find their pets more loyal, predictable, and loving, than their close relatives. Why is living with people a problem?

We know that fire is hot and we accept that as a fact. If we are burnt by touching fire, we do not blame it. If a whole house is burnt down, we may condemn other factors or blame our negligence, but would accept fire as is. Its place is undeniable and it is not rejected. Similarly, we accept the coolness of ice, the beauty of flowers, fruits, trees and plants. We enjoy the splendor of Nature acknowledge it as it is without the projections of our mind.

Again, if we are admiring a beautiful, full moon and someone else comes and starts appreciating it, do we say, “Why are you looking at my moon? You have no right to see it!” There is no sense of ownership, no possessiveness; there is acceptance without any projection of likes and dislikes. The Bhagavad-gita, says that a wise person moves everywhere with love and affection. Like the wind blowing freely, he does not get attached to anything.

He accepts all. Sometimes people behave nicely, sometimes they don’t - he is neither elated nor depressed. In another beautiful verse the Lord explains that such a man of wisdom lives with his senses under control, free from personal likes and dislikes, and therefore, enjoys every object, every place, every situation, and every person. Also, we find it difficult to live with people because we have too many expectations from them. If I expect something from another, that person may also expect something from me.

Furthermore, I am unable to fulfill my own expectations of myself. I feel that I should get up and sit in meditation for one hour, but it is difficult to sit for even five minutes; I want to do so many things, but I am unable to do them. Thus, we feel disappointed and frustrated with ourselves, and aggrieved or upset with others when they fail to satisfy our expectations. I saw a sticker that said, “Don’t try to change me. Accept me as I am.” This is the simple rule of how we wish to be treated by others. One is sure to respond by, “I understand all this as far as the moon, ice, trees, and plants go; I also understand that I cannot change fire and so I should accept it; but should I not expect my child to do well in his studies? If my children are committing mistakes, should I not teach, educate, and discipline them? How is it possible not to expect anything?”

It is important to understand the message clearly and completely. The message is that one should accept the fact as it is. Then if a change is necessary, try to make that change, but do not insist on it. Every parent wants the child to perform well and excel whether in sports or in studies. There is nothing wrong with that. But, to expect something that may not be possible for the child to do, and unnecessarily, apply pressure and force, will cause frustration to all.

When one is living with people it may not be possible to have no expectations at all, so one should have reasonable expectations. An artistically inclined child with no aptitude for commerce should not be forced into the family business. Expectations should be reasonable and based on knowledge and wisdom. At the same time, you cannot insist on your way, due to the fact that there are innumerable other factors, which govern the entire universe. As far as Nature or the moon is concerned, we do not feel a sense of ownership or possessiveness.

But with regard to people it is extremely deep-seated and can be very destructive. What we need to have is love and affection. Along with that there should be freedom and space too. Two hands joined together leave a gap and can be easily separated. Similarly, we should give people space. Often we hear people say, “Give me some space please!” If you love a bird, will you cage it and expect it to be happy? It is not possible to love someone and at the same time to also confine them in that love.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mocks us....

 Mocks us....

I can not understand why today callousness acquires everywhere? 
It's just so hard to understand that we are all people?
Why should I bear bad moods of others and bitterness?
Why should you work for others?
There are so many unanswered questions, I do not know if it would let me think of it, there is no point, this is called a travesty ....... unconscious, right?
Today I will not write too much, because there is not much to write ..... I have written only unconscious and that, but I said to amplify less "expression"!
We kiss them all and take heed of what is written here!

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to turn a bad day into a wonderful day

 How to turn a bad day into a wonderful day

It would be great if every day of our lives would be excellent .
We all dream of serenity , peace , calm , joy , fun , productivity, satisfaction. Unfortunately , not all days begin play . Sometimes you can just are damper morning alarm . Sometimes a day is expected to be calm and quiet , it can turn in an instant into a nightmare .

There are people who find themselves just a bad mood . Stress, lack of sleep, worries , all influence our mood. And once in the state of negativity , very hard managed to change the course of the day awaits us . I used to be one of those people that if you start the day with the left, continue to believe that living a bad day that nobody and nothing can turn .

I continue activity with a negative attitude and consequently attract lucururi and negative situations . And just when I was wondering what else could happen even worse , the universe also given me many a blow ... At one point in my life I finally realized that negative feelings persist because in reality I choose to " I bathe " in it. I understand that there is good day or bad day , that can happen anytime events can change our path , in a pleasant or unpleasant . I realized that I should not leave ruled by circumstances and that they have the amazing ability to create circumstances. And I began to exercise this power .

Today I have bad day. Even if the alarm sometimes annoys me terribly loud and postpone as much as possible - though not at all a healthy thing , even if I wake up and I have no toothpaste, even if I forget my phone at home and come back in the running to pick it up even if it's raining and I have no umbrella , nothing I can damper . For I know that my strength lies in discovering things major, minor ,significant or insignificant , to make my day more beautiful . I know there are always solutions for everything . And keep me lucid , in order to discover how to quickly and move on.

Today I want to share with you some of the methods I use to change my negative thoughts and emotions in order to make each day a blessing . I hope it works for you as well as worked for me .
So : Think . The first thing you do when you are lacking motivation, tired or put in a bad situation , is to use my mind . How do I do this? Well, try to look day from different perspectives , addressing my questions: Who cares what happens to me ? We count it a few years from now ? What can I learn from this situation ? What are the opportunities that come out of this situation? What would that little action , that small step could I do to change my default during the day and the mood ? Honestly answer these questions ! Use your body . If you do not find any solution in time to get out of the situation, begin to use my body .

Doing some exercise , I walk , do relaxation exercises . Nothing inner tension away from your body and in mind that exercise . Negativity dissipates and I feel stronger, more energetic and more focused than ever. Try and you will change your day guaranteed! Accept your feelings . We are masters of camouflage our inner feelings . Master the art of denial extremely well . Maybe because we perceive distorted thing positivism . Most times we come to believe that to ignore what we feel we turn into positive people . And then are shocked that we reach a point where vicariously work . In reality, positivism involves letting go of negative feelings . And the release occurs through awareness and acceptance. Yes , I went there myself .

I eventually realized that if you think and feel terrible, it is necessary to accept my thoughts and feelings , instead of trying to convince my brain that the best solution is to ignore or deny . I realized that if I do not accept , in fact they only amplify what you live . Either I want to immerse myself in happiness , not in pain. Yes , acceptance is far from comfortable , but permanent discomfort than explosive , more temporary discomfort then allow me lucid thinking and great experiences . Accept what you feel ! Be grateful . It is extremely difficult to find yourself Hatches for which you can be grateful when your birthday is downright terrible , if you're shocked or overwhelmed by emotionally . But if you focus a little , you realize how lucky you are that " you " .

Maybe you health , outer beauty , interior , intelligence , power, charisma, talent , potential, dear people , youth, wisdom, a place to stay and food to put on the table. I saw people without arms , without legs , who have made a difference in this world. How many times have you satisfied that you have ? Have you ever thought that your pain and suffering can be priceless gifts ? Pain arises incredible things . Pain is the promoter of evolution extends the spectrum of human experience , and, with the more serious , the more intense will be your happiness .

Periods of sadness amplify periods of happiness . Hard times can help us to enjoy and appreciate the good times more . My days were apparently negative proved to be my most creative days . Because I had to put my mind to it and find the optimal solutions . Maybe bad days bring with them feelings as . But I understand that they can turn into extraordinary days . I also understand that sometimes , whatever you do , things just do not go as you wish . And then the wisest thing you can do is to embraces and to prepare for a new day, better, brighter, full of possibilities. You want as many good days , sprinkled with joy, and plenty of power to get through the situations that you face !

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