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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The first day of kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten 

So was this: 30 children screaming (well, I guess not all but screamed in my head sounds like a teacher that lurk at the door and discard those who tried to escape.


At least mine did not cry but his eyes look great when the show described above when at me ... and have a look I could not pick up and go on from there. If I have worked with children I would have said I do not know what it is and that really how it works. But no, I disagree. 

Well it instead to attract to her, to speak to, to put crayons and paper on the tables on which to draw children, or playing music, she stood at the door and take them up on that they wanted to leave. Given that the other kids had to sit on chairs, with nothing in front, with no toy, nothing, nothing, stood and watched the others as they are hunted cry or education.

Already I think I got a black ball when I went to the teacher and told him to get some crayons and coloring books that are empty tables. I know there are subjective and can be mischievous, maybe she was stressed and poor knew how to manage the situation and between having a baby crying and one that disappears and must be prosecuted for it, I think he prefers the version) .

 I have no idea.


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