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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Humans ill nature...

 Humans ill nature

It's not really how much malice and envy can exist! No, not at all naive! I knew that, but I do not know why I always take me by surprise and wonder that the evil people ... maybe because deep in my soul,  my mind can not or refuse to believe, though I know it is ... I do not want to believe that evil exists which is becoming bigger by the day!

Yes, it's understandable to everyone now ... it is difficult, especially in financial viewpoint, but that gotta change you as a person, make you worse, you should not / change your way of perceiving things, the reality I do not know ... ..... sad. Anyway, I can not change, all I / I said to become evil or hell and respond or do and I back bad as my / me ..... but they did not, there's something my soul do not let me be so even if I suffer greatly! I /'s weird that I can not be like that ... then I sat and I thought if I become like them and, worse, where the hell are we going with this? a cesspool of dementia where we get to figure, in / finally each other in the head! to what? There are so many kinds of evil ... chair I heard on the radio today, they found a new / born threw me to landfill.

I want to cry at such news ... how can throw a baby at the dump! God, that's a soul! also has the right to life, came into this world with a purpose ... not lived to see the light of day ... no one is able to take someone's life! ... and ready to start myself into other subjects and not finish ....... I sat and pondered ... ... I'm so sad right now ... I do not know .... I always hit that evil people, just like you know (we all have enemies more or less ... or it's that - say / how many enemies to me / tell you how important you are). inhumanity that make me / I lose the last shred of confidence that I have left in people. / not like it, because it makes me come to analyze every word spoken by anyone, makes me / I lose trust in people and distorted perceptions of reality and then already and it is no longer I do not / I hate it!

The you often "surprises" the / this exactly from whom you do not expect, in whom he trusted and then it's even more painful and / ti comes time to give fuck all! Well, not quite so ... I highly developed sixth sense and that / always helped. 90% of my life guided by my intuition that did not / never cheated. m / help in that sense people, certain situations, some feelings towards me, they are good or bad ... and do not talk nonsense I write now ... Own tell from experience. remaining 10% were situations when I did not / have listened intuition and gave flop or bad happened to me! and now we've been through / very lousy situation ... one emotional and one professional. I could not hit both of which I / they put reverse, normal, not knowing and spoke behind me, in my name as I'd really like things ... now that people have found  ... anything! .... and that's not my time / happened.

I lost in life often cause wickedness and envy of others! ha ... how many yet, that's why I say I do not know what the hell I am still always surprised, why not fuck me once lecuies all surprised me ... not so much! hm ...... maybe because deep down I do not think there's any way to so evil ... try / image a better world, many times, escape from this reality, to live in / better one with better people, a world that only exists in my mind .... Sitting and meditating ... now. that evil is actually from what comes? since problems shortcomings, serious diseases and not grind you / give you peace ... nomal, there are plenty of reasons to become evil and comes from various / certain situations.

Well, here are two types to be bad. there are others who love and feel so well equiped when harm to someone that simply have a wicked soul, black soul ... even as their black aura of malice that which smoulders in them this kind of people, if it can be told, enjoyed and rejoiced only when if someone suffers gets sick or struggling. there's the kind that uses evil as a shield for protecting their own people, these are the proper category, not all ... the last stage ... the best defense is attack!

Sorry for my bad enghlish, is not my native language.


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