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Monday, August 26, 2013



Today, justice is no longer considered just a social value with permanent residence visa to the seabed, and I Moldovans, who did not have great fishing or to rise to the surface, but a value can be found in the forest, where they did many outlaws, to whom we owe the change of optical justice: justice is not given or expected, but it's done. 

And if I do not the authorities, I do it with the sword, and more recently, with the thought, deed and word, with feeling and love, Your Being guided by the belief that the world is necessarily a specific reason, so you can not and you do not have your justice. You just identify it in yourself. Education helps you identify your own right not only through textbooks and teacher judgments but all values, so learning to understand that justice is in your own making as being perfect.

"Ara and resembles and will be right" - grow your soul and you will always become valuable, it is also your justice. That is why the greatest injustice that do not suffer the injustice done by others but we do ourselves, denying our own identity-building action and believing deeply that we are wronged by others, for when have a weak identity and our righteousness is poor, we waited to be justified outside of us - the institutions and judges, heads or unions, relatives, friends or colleagues.

In this case we are consumers of a right made by others. And conversely, if we managed to build a strong identity, become the main source of their own righteousness and generous with others, helping them to identify each justice to. But the Moldovans, I was not only called to express by Moldavian shepherd, spiritual unity with himself and with the world of all Romanians, but also stigma Worldwide - the feeling that I have always followed "at sunset" of "Magyar "and" Vrancean ".

Therefore, instead of us do justice with sword and thought, deed and word, we bocim that we are alone, poor and wronged. We all complain that Moldovan Russians do not want to learn Romanian, carelessly forgetting that no invader ever taught language in the world busy people, that we ask the Russians conduct inconsistent with human nature.

While we allow Russia to provide manuals Russian children in Moldova, the Netherlands supports 1.4 budgets to integrate linguistic and socio-cultural foreign children against 1.0 Budget allocated for Dutch children's education. Just make and Estonia, financially supported by the West, and we used grant from UNICEF to destroy callousness, arrogance and incompetence foundation values ​​of the national education system: The concept of education, educational standards and disciplinary curricula, and we wonder which results traitors, abomination and flatterers. Hence arise from our unwillingness to bring order and justice in their own being.


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