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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My sunrise....

My sunrise

And behold, the sun has risen and me. My street was cloudy too long, but I never lost hope. Everything came unexpectedly. We did not for a second to think, but if he is not as I want! But what I want?

As it is: sweet, respectful, caring, thoughtful, funny, sensitive, optimistic. And then I realized that I managed to discover defects, even if it would have definitely will love him even more just because it is not perfect. I love it when you laugh, I love his voice and warm smile when I say Morning?. I love to wake up next to him, to hear his breathing, feel his skin on my skin and I can smell that I'm not tired. Near him, I learned to be better, more loving and happy. Thanks to him I learned to just look beautiful part of a man, I learned to beat anything beyond my limits.

I love that trusts me, respect me because I support the making and that her side. With him laugh often, with him going anywhere, my heart can not peel his and my life revived once he met his. I like to kiss him on his lovely dimples, to caress him in my arms and to declare infinite love. I love it when he's curious and when gelozeste. Next to him I'm single, I'm a woman and future mother. Near him nothing is hard, everything comes naturally and painful past throws in a drawer.

Near him every day is different and special is the wonderful rainy day and the sunny is brilliant. I adore that is not afraid to cry when simte.Il love that knows to give me when I need freedom. For me it is all even more, and life is more wonderful when I met him. I love every minute around him and I miss him every moment that is not me.

Thousands of minutes beside him gave me the energy I need to go ahead, the joy that invades me hope that everything will be more beautiful. I love the nights when we whisper love you while we embrace and love. I like to look at me when I sleep and kiss my hand when he declare his love. I love that it does not upset easily and is understanding. I love it when you act like a child when excited. I love it when people turn heads with his stories and is the center of attention.

I discover every day that do not fit my soul so desire to be near him and I almost cry of happiness that life has been so generous with me and I brought with me a treasure that I will careful not to lose it. Thank you Lord that you thought of me and sent me angel of life. I love you my dear for what you represent in my life and for all that you did for us. I loved you, I love it I love site!


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