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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Only that...

Only that...

I didn't major obstacles stand or small people - dribbled the keeper and I am my sprint lanes, until we scored one point. When I took the wrong color, I've matured and I ... resulted in a normal, momentary glory which would have given the illusion of separation from reality. The better shape I was when I loved and was loved.
Peace of mind always gave me inspiration, sparkle and chance.
But human weaknesses I can that I did more than I do today. I have one constant, not break up - natural. So how can it manifest in my job. So how can he be left out of the walls of privacy. I had the reckless events, but deserved victory. We have reached a point where I can look outside myself carefully. I get what I have, but I do not get what we have achieved. My life is not without financial problems, worries, problems of men.


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