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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Something about me............

Just me....

Want to know something about me? I'll tell you right away a small part of what they are, what they think, what they feel. My name is Justina. I think there are few people who really know me. Can not say I'm a simple or easy to understand. I am a contradictory, complicated. And I greatly appreciate people who try to understand me and do not rush to judge me.

There are days when comfort of my bed I bring the most satisfaction, but there are days when I put in motion the end of the day, when I draw the line, and I am amazed by what I managed to do. There are times when they become selfish when I think only me and I must admit that sometimes the thing that saved me a few extra suffering at the time, but for me and disadvantaged. I dread the idea of ​​being powerless. To look at a thing, a situation, a time without being able to do anything to change it. It frightens me that often, reality catches up and shows you how you are "small" ... because yes, sometimes it's not just about willpower. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to be different, do you best to can change that something. 

I think two, even though I believe in friends friendship became the moment a relative thing, I do not get a lifetime to really know a person, I think one of the things that we should live more childhood are times in life. Childhood? ... I would love to talk more about it, but when they do become nostalgic. I do not want to become nostalgic now. I love the sea. I never get tired to look, to smell, to taste. For me it's not an infinite scares me, but excites me. I love beautiful people spiritually. Inspire me and make me believe that if they do, people really can be good. I have met many, but those I have met have given me a little of their world înfrumuseţând it and mine. I found so that there are still people who simply give without expecting something in return.

 I'm the man who loves without being jealous. For some people this is a paradox, because the wrong date, love is associated with jealousy and vice versa. False, false, false. Having a pretty strange experience, but highly educational, with an extremely jealous man made me see things differently, you want to not get myself in the category of women who obsessively controlling phones, wallets and their partners mailboxes waiting to find something. I like to think that we have reached the point where I can tell that something is wrong in man's attitude from me. I find it easier and less exhausting.

The first option is a waste of time and unnecessary energy. I love life. I like to feel good, to do what I love, to have around people with whom I can develop. I love to dance and dance whenever I feel like it. I love good music, that I can not live unless a play, even if I did not voice who knows what. I love playing live, and every time I get back from them speechless, but full of life. I like romance, but taken to the extreme. I love long hugs and kisses his forehead. I do not like arrogant people. People who think they are superior, although intellectual or spiritual, are not. I do not like people who solve their problems in an aggressive manner.

I do not like being treated like an object. I hate to impose or to find things untrue things about me. I can not say that does not affect me in a somewhat different according to every man that you see or hear. I can not say I'm used to evil that can exist in people and I do not think I will. I can not say I'm a calm person who patiently goes over all the miseries, but after I switched, I pass. But I did not realize that I have to prove anything to anyone.

That is important to me to be reconciled myself to be aware of the shortcomings and try to cover them, because no matter what, I can say honestly that I'm not ashamed of who I am or what I did. I learned that parents are the greatest treasure that God gives us. That no matter how wrong, how wrong, in the heart and in the eyes of our fathers will always be the first and only ones that matter. I learned that God brings you to guide you about people in key moments of your life. Often, later you realize what the purpose of that man comes into your life and why the time. I learned that love makes you feel both the strongest and the weakest man on earth. I learned that to be in harmony with others, you need to have a beautiful relationship with yourself. You know, to forgive, to accept yourself, learn to forget!


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