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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

About us all ...

 Moments of life

There comes a time in every man's life where reality hits him hard on the head, and the pain radiates deep to pluck. Are those critical moments where either you learn the lesson on the spot or choose the path of self-deceit. Because, let's face it, we all did it at one time.

We lie to ourselves until we came to believe that in fact, reality is not what it seems. But she, reality has a way of throwing at least strange light over darkness in which we drown sometimes. And every time we were too shocked to react immediately, angry at those who have disturbed the peace and even ourselves. We feel unjustly punished. Hardly assimilate the truth as food taste so bad that we do not ever dare to swallow it, but we would really want to spit and forget that I ever tasted. He began to be afraid of reality.

The thought that a man can deceive you about what is, even though you think you're a good judge of human nature, I do not seem impossible. Not after what looked like masks fall and break into millions of pieces in my face. And on the pieces I could and I never knew how to differentiate between the mask and my heart. When you entrust your soul to another man, placing them on a tray invisible all your trust, you expect him to inevitably do the same. And for a while even let you do that. Please take a moment to thank you for then take your ruthlessly everything.

Friendship turns into hostility, and the man you thought you know is replaced by someone you do not want to ever be known. Thus it becomes increasingly difficult to trust your people and you realize that without you become more stingy when it comes to trust ... And I can not help but wonder: is ever really know the people around us? Whether you see them up close or far away. Or you have to live forever with doubt in his heart, as if I expected any moment to come upon a mask ...


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